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All the Open Space sessions will be recorded and posted to a web site… to be determined, but I will add the links once they are ready.

Scrum Beyond Software

I arrived late for this one and only caught the final 20 minutes.  It seemed like it was a good discussion.  One person was interested in using Scrum for doing process documentation.  Another person was interested in Scrum for software maintenance.  Of course, I talked about what we are doing with our business using OpenAgile.

Scrum Must Die

Great discussion!  Main concepts seemed to be: Scrum is fuzzy, it is not well-defined, and can we find an abstraction of Scrum that then is applied to many different situations.  The discussion included many specific examples: is the Product Owner on or off the team, is the Product Owner always 1-to-1 with teams, is the Product Owner always a single person, is the sprint burndown done on the basis of hours or points, is the daily Scrum necessary, is the retrospective necessary (yes), is release planning necessary?


Vigorous discussion – a little unfocused, but really really interesting.  People making claims and counter-claims about Scrum and PMI (actually PMBoK).  Some interesting distinctions: Scrum as a framework that allows imperfection and encourages improvement vs. PMBoK as a framework that tries to give all the tools (best practices, processes) to avoid mistakes and do things “right”.  I enjoyed this discussion a lot!!!

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