What are Ways to Measure Productivity?

One of the most difficult aspects of doing Agile, is to find reasonable, do-able, agreeable ways to measure productivity.  Many organizations don’t measure productivity or only use very indirect indicators.

What do you do to measure productivity and how is it working for you?  If you don’t measure productivity, why not?

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2 thoughts on “What are Ways to Measure Productivity?”

  1. I measure productivity of operational units (as opposed to individuals, which can drive the wrong behaviour).

    The best way I’ve found is to plot operational cost over time, using a control chart to understand variation and spot step-changes.

    Burn-down charts are still great for monitoring project productivity.

  2. We don’t measure productivity and I don’t recommend measuring productivity. At least in ways that it has been traditionally measured in software development, such as lines of code of function points. I suggest measuring things that your customer cares about and they certainly don’t care about lines of code. I recommend measuring your ability to deliver business value. That can be done by measuring you cycle time, which is how long from the time your customer requests something to when it is delivered. This is a more meaningful measure to both the development team and the customer and is something that can be objectively measured and understood.

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