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We know that our Certified ScrumMaster Seminar is already the best value out there: 3 days of intensive training for just $2000 Canadian Dollars (that’s about $1700 USD), with all sorts of great exercises and practical advice, and mind-changing concepts.  However, we also know that if you have attended a CSM course already, you can’t easily justify going to another one.  That’s why we are offering a substantial discount if you are already a Certified ScrumMaster.  If you have gone to any CSM training in the past at any time with any trainer, you can take advantage of a 50% discount to come to our course.  That means attending, refreshing, rejuvenating and getting a great opportunity for just $1000 Canadian Dollars (that’s about $850 USD).

Contact us at if you would like more information.  Applicable to all public courses offered in Canada by Berteig Consulting.  Offer valid for all paid registrations made for classes being held before the end of August 2009.  (Also a great opportunity to visit Canadian relatives, see the CN Tower, or just get away during the summer…)

Here are the classes:

May 13-15, 2009 – Toronto (Markham)

June 3-5, 2009 – Ottawa

July 15-17, 2009 – Waterloo

July 22-24, 2009 – Toronto (Markham)

August 12-14 – Toronto (Markham)

August 26-28 – Ottawa

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