Agile career development

Now is a great time to be honing your Agile skills and abilities to further your career.  Why?  Two reasons – there are actually a lot of jobs out there, and we have a great deal on Certified ScrumMaster training.

For example, we know through our professional network of an impressive company called Point2 Technologies that uses Agile methods and is now hiring.  Check out the Job Postings section   And there are dozens of jobs on Workopolis for people with experience working in an Agile/Scrum/XP environment.

The other reason now is a great time to upgrade your skills is the 50% discount off our Certified ScrumMaster courses in Canada.  For the first 100 people to sign up for one of our
scheduled courses, the price is only $995 Canadian.  You can learn more about the course and sign up online at

If you’re looking for work, keep a stiff upper lip.  There are job opportunities out there.

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