The ScrumMaster Training Interactive Case Study

You have just been hired to be the ScrumMaster for a team at Zysoft Corp. Your boss, Jeremy, hired you because he likes your attitude and because you have been a team lead at a competitor. But you have never been a ScrumMaster before. Jeremy assures you that you will do “just fine! Scrum is simple!” But some of the things Jeremy told you in your interview make you wonder if it will really be so easy…

The ScrumMaster Training Interactive Case Study is the latest learning tool offered by Berteig Consulting. Like a chose-your-own adventure book, you enter into Jeremy’s world and confront real-life scenarios and learn to overcome real-life obstacles.

We hope that you have fun with this and gain some valuable insights into the role.  The tool is still in beta, so we very much appreciate any and all feedback.  Enjoy!

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