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Here is a collection of interesting reads and articles that either Mishkin Berteig (@mberteig) or Paul Heidema (@paulheidema) reposted on Twitter.

RT @daverooneyca RT @gilbroza: Mincing no words: People are NOT resources! [A-freaking-men!!]

RT @jbrains classic: Forget velocity

RT @AgileAdvice Comparison of OpenAgile with Scrum #Agile #Scrum #OpenAgile

RT @flowchainsensei Culture change is Free “I discovered the folly of culture change programmes years ago” ~John Seddon

One of my favorite books! RT @mr_alan_cooper @flowchainsensei In return I offer J. Gall:

RT @estherderby RT @jasonlittle Simple Exercise to Demonstrate Value of Collaboration

RT @mohamed_rafie RT @sf105: Agile Learning Design: Periodic Table

RT @jeffpatton good points in this piece – emerging practices for adding ux work to agile development by

RT @davidparker9 OpenAgile – New Management Methodology by @titusperide:

RT @agilenature Keep the Balance – The Scrum Product Owner

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