Upcoming Seminar: Certified Scrum Product Owner, February 26, 2013, Markham

The Product Owner role is the most difficult in Scrum to do well. This Learning Event solves that problem by giving you real practical techniques that you can apply immediately!

Learning Objective(s): Create a Product Backlog that allows your Scrum team to start delivering value quickly.

Days: February 26, 2013, February 27, 2013

Location:The Courtyard Marriott Markham, 65 Minthorn Blvd, Markham ON L3T 7Y9,


Audience: This course is designed for those who care about the business success of their products and projects: product managers, project managers, business unit leaders and business analysts. Some basic knowledge of Scrum is recommended prior to attending this Learning Event.

Price: $1600.00

Contact: Valerie Senyk

Phone: 1-905-969-9995     Email: valerie@berteigconsulting.com

Link to Register: http://www.worldmindware.com/Certified-Scrum-Product-Owner-Markham-February-2013

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