The Rules of Scrum: The Daily Scrum occurs every day at the same time of day

The Daily Scrum is most effective when it is held at a regular time of day so that all team members can easily remember it, schedule for it, and it becomes a habit for the team.  Although technically this is simply a guideline rather than an “official” rule, it nevertheless has a positive impact when done, and a negative impact when not done.  If the team fails to have the Daily Scrum at a regular time, Team Members will need constant reminding of when it is going to occur, and there is a greater risk that it will be missed by some Team Members.  Missing the Daily Scrum reduces transparency between Team Members.  Another minor negative consequence is that if the Daily Scrum is not held at a regular time, then the Sprint Burndown Chart will have an uneven horizontal scale (if measurement is made at the end of the Daily Scrums) or it will be more difficult for the ScrumMaster to measure the state of the Sprint for tracking on the burndown (if measurement is made at a regular time of day independent of the Daily Scrum).

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