The Rules of Scrum: Team Members answer only three questions at the Daily Scrum (no discussion)

The Daily Scrum meeting is a critical method for creating transparency between Team Members.  Every day, each Team Member in turn answers the three questions of the Daily Scrum: what tasks have I completed, what tasks will I complete before the next Daily Scrum, and what obstacles do I have to doing my work?  These questions are designed to ensure that all team members know what everyone else is doing regardless of if one or another team member thinks something is “important” to know.  This transparency gives the team a regular rhythm of “Inspect and Adapt”.  Since the Daily Scrum is meant to be short, any discussion of the work should be held until after the Daily Scrum is complete.  To be clear: the Daily Scrum is not meant to be a problem solving meeting and treating it so can lead to people failing to be as transparent as needed (or to breaking the timebox for the Daily Scrum which leads to other problems).

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