The Rules of Scrum: I use Scrum as a tool for product development

Scrum is an Agile process framework that is optimized for product development.  The rules of Scrum are fine-tuned after decades of use to help product development teams become hyper-productive and to maximize business value.  If you use Scrum for product development, then you are applying it to the right problem.  If you use Scrum for some other type of work (e.g. general project management) then you are mis-applying Scrum and it probably won’t give you the ideal results.  Scrum is not simply a collection of best practices.  Therefore, if you are using Scrum by picking and choosing some of its pieces, it is likely that you are using a sub-optimal approach to product development.  In this way, Scrum is like a tool rather than a toolbox with many tools.  When you take a hammer out of a toolbox, you don’t pull the head off and start pounding nails without the handle.  Likewise, if you only use some parts of Scrum, you are missing the benefits of using Scrum as a tool.  As a Scrum Team Member, you should know the purpose of Scrum and be aware of applying it correctly to the right problems.

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2 thoughts on “The Rules of Scrum: I use Scrum as a tool for product development”

  1. Hi Mishkin,

    Well said.

    For the the most relevant part is the words “Product Development”. All too often I see people wanting to use Scrum to manage general IT work or use it in an interrupt-driven environment.

    – Michael

    1. Indeed! Thanks for the comment. This generalization of Scrum is natural for anything that is successful in one domain. However, it’s also one of my pet peeves.

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