Announcement: David Sabine Featured in Human Code’s Blog

Testimonial: Senior Agile Coach David Sabine

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Recently, a Senior Agile Coach was interviewed by Human Code and the article was posted on their blog.

David and I took a few minutes to chat on the phone about his positive experience working with Human Code and what led up to the entertaining and inspiring article they posted.


David said that he had been hired for a two day training with a digital product development agency in Hamilton, Ontario. At the time, they were calling themselves Imagination Plus.  Since then they have changed their name to “Human Code” and this represents their embracing a new way of working and a new way of seeing themselves after training with David a few months ago.

David explained that Imagination Plus was a name that the founders thought of years ago. Over time, no one on the team really identified with it anymore. They did a workshop around this theme and they came to their collective realization that they do have an identity as an organization, but it’s something else than “Imagination Plus” so they went on a journey to find their identity. And the re-branding is a recognition of their new definition of themselves.

There are 17 people in the “tight-knit” company, David said.

“They are now announcing their new name and new logo, and they realized they wanted to go back to talk to me, to share my thoughts about agility and how that was part of their new identity now. They want to remain agile.”

“This is a positive testimonial not just for our training but we were involved in their transfomration. This is a story of transforming not from something to something else. Transforming from something else to a new thing. They transformed to authenticity.”

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