Agile Coach Profile: Michael Sahota

Michael Sahota - Profile Picture (2016)Michael Sahota: Sage Advice For Organizational Growth 

By Rachel Perry


BERTEIG is proud to announce that in September Michael Sahota is offering a brand new Certified Leadership Training in Toronto, Ontario.

  • this is the first training of its kind in Canada!
  • Michael was the second trainer to be approved, based training he  developed & delivered over the last few years.
  • Michael was the first to deliver this training worldwide!

A Bit of Michael’s Background

In 2010, Michael was approved as a Certified Scrum Coach, a prestigious certification for someone capable of coaching enterprises. He says he was and continues to be very proud of this since certification which demonstrates extensive experience and qualifications.

He openly shares that several years ago, he experienced his own personal inner transformation which has enlightened him and opened many new doors of opportunity.

When reflecting on this process of growth, he describes it like this.

 “I looked at myself in the mirror and [saw] I was in no position to invite leaders on a transformational journey. I needed to work on myself. So I set about reinventing myself.”

The journey of reinventing himself is a whole other story which he shares in his blog

He writes,

“I had a hypothesis that if I changed how I showed up, I would be able to invite leaders on their own transformational journeys. This hypothesis has been proven several times over. I have become the change that I want to see in the world. And at the same time I continue to be a work-in-progress with edges around ego, seeking attention, too attached to ideas, etc.”

He says he is excited to delighted to help managers, executives and coaches become more effective in fostering Agile environments through Scrum Alliance’s new Certified Agile Leadership training program.



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