Link: How To Manage the “I’m the bestest” persons in Agile


Can you believe there is an actual disorder which prevents people from seeing their own limits? It makes them over-cofindent to do things and yet under-skilled to achieve them. If you have a person with a disorder like this on your team, it can lead to disaster.

But you likely are not aware of what exactly is going on. Not until it’s too late.

You can read for yourself the nature of this condition and how a Scrum Master can help a person who perpetually under-estimates or over-estimates their capacities.

It’s called The Dunning-Kruger effect and here is the article entitled, “How to manage the “I’m the bestest” persons in Agile – The Dunning-Kruger effect.

What I like so much about this article is that despite the challenges of working with someone who is largely unaware of what they don’t know, is that the author offers encouragement to Scrum Masters.

Basically, a scrum team turns no one away. We are all capable of some degree of contributing. This article shows that the more a Scrum Master knows the individual team members and the collective capacity of the whole team, the better everyone can be!

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