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Ben Yehoolda, author of two excellent articles on LinkedIn’s Pulse, has recently connected with BERTEIG and I am happy to share these insightful pieces which offer steps to success for software development teams.

The first one, Software Development Team Composition, offers a cost-effective strategy for having a high-performing team without high costs.
He writes,
“Rather than building a costly team made up of only the best, the leading parameter which should dictate team composition is the complexity of the work. For the average software project the bulk of the work could be handled quite well by a B (or intermediate) level developer. The more complex work (design patterns, architecture changes, frameworks research) constitute a smaller portion of time but would definitely require an A (or Senior) level developer. To make the best use of your development budget, you should keep in mind that every development project has some very simple yet time consuming work which could be done be a C (or Junior), such as; code clean up, commenting, adding disclaimers, building unit test and small GUI alignments.”
In the second article,  Steps to Building a Software Team, he writes about three steps to keep a software team engaged.
This statement caught my attention. He writes,
“The challenging wizardry-like act of leading a development team requires knowing more about the tools and craft of software development than the other team members. At the same time, every good leader should have the drive and charisma of a top-tier sales person to motivate the team. These two sets of skills can be hard to find in the same person. If you’re struggling to find an external candidate with these qualifications, consider looking within the team to promote or expand the responsibilities of an existing employee. Keep in mind, however, leadership training to a senior developer might work better than technology training to junior managers.”
 These are great considerations for software development teams.

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