Agile Blog: Scrum vs Open Agile vs Kanban (Visual Summary)

Welcome Agilist…whist we focus on ‘Being’ Agile, ‘Doing’ Agile goes hand in hand towards achieving a common goal…here is a quick visual comparative summary of 3 closely related but unique systems (Scrum, OpenAgile and Kanban) to get started…

  1. Origin
  2. Domain Application
  3. Time Availability for Change
  4. Roles
  5. Workflow
  6. Frequency



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3 thoughts on “Agile Blog: Scrum vs Open Agile vs Kanban (Visual Summary)”

  1. Hello Yasrab,

    Interesting breakdown! The graphical comparisons are helpful.

    I also like that you start with the oft-ignored assertion that we must ‘do’ Agile in order to ‘be’ agile. ‘Doing Agile’ gets a lot of negative attention by practitioners hoping to warn people that a focus on the practices (without Agile values and principles) is problematic. But, as you succinctly stated, doing Agile things (or doing things in an Agile way) is also necessary.

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